Why the right capacity machine matters!

Why the right capacity machine matters!

Are you opening an ice cream shop and nervous you will but too much machine, or have wet cones when you get busy? The right way to think about capacity is to get a big enough machine to handle your peak hours but no more. There is something to be said for overkill, however, you should keep in mind if you get a bigger machine than you need, the upfront cost will be larger than it needs to be, and you will be using much more eclectic than needed. There is a direct correlation between how much power a machine needs and what the volume will be. Assuming newer efficient scroll technology and the exception of, 3 phase electric will have lower power requirements for the same volume.

Here is a chart of the capacity of our soft-serve equipment calculated in Gallon per hour, one gallon is 128 serving ounces or 32 4oz cones. 


CS4            4 GPH
CS600        9 GPH
SLX400C    8 GPH
SLX400E    8 GPH
SLX500     12 GPH


44-RMTFB    9 GPH
15-RMT        15 GPH
GEN-5099    19 GPH
GEN-5400    38 GPH

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