Types of Machines

Types of Machines

When you are looking to make ice cream it is important to use the correct machine for the job. Like having the proper too, having the correct machine will make the product better and serving your customers easier. There are a few different types of machines and they are broken down into subgroups specialing in a specific product. 

Soft Serve

Soft serve ice cream is one of the most popular frozen desserts in America.

If your store specialized in ice cream, from a creamy fluffy cone able to be hand-dipped into warm chocolate and not fall off. Or higher over-run (more air content) to get a more whipped product.  
For these applications, I recommend a pump soft-serve machine. These vary in capacity and volume from medium volume GEN-5099 to the high volume GES-5400. These come in two flavors and a twist. 
For many restaurants who are running an ice cream machine as an added product for dessert, it doesn't make sense to have a complex pump system. The cleaning time is longer, the machine is more expensive, and there are more parts to be changed. To simplify this for quick-serve restaurants we have our selection of gravity soft serve machines available. The medium volume 1 flavor CS600 is a countertop compact machine, able to be fit into most serving lines. We have the medium volume 2 flavor and a twist SLX400C (countertop) and SLX400E (standup) options. Our high volume machine for this category is the SLX500, this machine is two flavors and a twist and capable of creating 12 gallons an hour, with simple usage, easy cleaning, and great reliability.

If you are looking for a stand-alone unique concept and trying to get the best menu options out of the simplest package. The 44RMB or (fuzionate) is the ideal machine to stand out from the crowd. This is the world's first 9 flavor machine, and actually fully mixes a flavor on demand. Ths Medium volume pump machine uses a vanilla or cream base, and can fully integrate 8 more separate flavors into your cone on demand.

Scoop Ice Cream

American Ice Cream is made using a rich high fat mix of 14%-20% butterfat. This paired with a batch freezer running at a higher RPM (revolutions per minute) will create a high overrun. American ice cream is about 80%-100% overrun. This is the amount of air mixed into the liquid ice cream as it is frozen. For example: if you put 2.5 gallons of the mix in our 24quart B24E machine. It will produce 5 gallons of finished smooth scoopable product. The two variations for this is our 12 quart B12E making 12 quarts of finished product per batch. Our 24 quarts B24E making 24 quarts of the finished product.

Italian Ice

Although Italian ice is a very different product than American ice cream, it uses the same machine. The main difference is while the butterfat in ice cream allows it to hold air causing overrun, Italian ice is water-based and has no fat. The ice will expand while freezing, the product will not hold onto air causing it not to have overrun. Best machines are the B12E for 12 quarts of the finished product, and the B24E for 24 quarts of the finished product.


Gelato is Italian ice cream, it uses lower butterfat than American ice cream and therefore paired with a slower RPM while freezing has a lower overrun.  Gelato is made with about 25%-40% overrun. We can accomplish this by using our variable speed batch freezers. These are able to make gelato, then with a quick adjustment, you can transition to Ice cream or Italian ice. These machines are the B12V for 12 quarts of finished product and B24V for 24 quarts of the finished product

Frozen Cocktails & Slushies

Frozen Cocktails are very popular and add a premium to your product. Frozen Margaritas, Frozen Daiquiri, and Froze. These popular products plus slushies can be made with our frozen drink machines. We have two types, with or without a refrigerated hopper. We highly recommend getting the refrigerated hopper as it will keep any product that needs to be refrigerated, food-safe until serving. This option will give you more flexibility in changing products down the line.   
Refrigerated hopper:
876BRH countertop model, larger viewing window and 3.5-gallon freezing cylinder
877BRH countertop model, 1.5-gallon freezing cylinder
Non-refrigerated hopper:
877B Countertop model, 1.5-gallon freezing cylinder, best for frozen cocktail
877 Countertop model, 1.5-gallon freezing cylinder, best for slushies
876B Countertop model, larger viewing window and 3.5-gallon freezing cylinder, best for a frozen cocktail.
876C Countertop model larger viewing window and 3.5-gallon freezing cylinder, best for slushies.
876 Stand-alone medium volume machine with a large viewing window, good for both Frozen cocktail and slushies.
812 Stand-alone high volume machine with the option of an auto-fill top mount system good for both frozen cocktails and slushies
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