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The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker combines the modern scientific method of pressure cooking with pressure smoking to create deliciously juicy, smoked foods.

Traditional pits require constant attention, such as turning the food and basting, while the Smokaroma Pressure Smoker eliminates the need for constant labor while producing flavorful results in a much shorter time.

Hot or “cold” smoke food products, including all types of meats, poultry, vegetables, cheese, and sea foods.

Compared to the traditional dry method of smoking, pressure smoking locks in the juices and can reduce product shrinkage by 40%, resulting in a moist and flavorful product.

This compact, electric smoker occupies a small footprint and its casters provide additional mobility. With the optional water baffle, a vent hood is not needed to operate, as the unit is completely self-contained.

The unit is also economical; once the proper pressure is reached, the unit idles and the product smokes on its own.


  • Fast and productive – cooking up to 45 pounds of fresh bone-in ribs per load in under an hour*.
  • Safe – Normal operating pressure is 12 psi. The exhaust will occur between 14 to 15 psi and the pressure release valve will release pressure if it exceeds 16 to 17 psi.
  • Cost-effective – Pressure smoking reduces shrinkage by up to 40% over other methods.
  • Labor efficient – Fast and easy operation increases productivity. No watching, basting, or turning is required. Auto shut-off after the cook cycle is complete.
  • Compact – Requires minimum space in the kitchen and casters are standard, making the unit portable. No vent hood is required to operate.
  • Versatile – Smokes all types of meats, poultry, vegetables, cheese, and seafood.
  • Dual Usage – Ability to hot smoke or “cold” smoke food products. In hot smoke mode, the main elements will provide heat along with the charring element. In “cold” smoke mode, only the charring element will heat.
  • Customizable – Any type of wood chips can be used; mesquite, hickory, pecan, cherry, etc., and only 2 ounces are used per cook cycle.


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