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Perfect Hold Deli Cases

Perfect Hold Deli Cases

Model HDM-4 deli case with single shelf display area is
stainless steel and tempered glass construction. Includes
bottom-hinged drop-down front access glass display panel
for easy loading and cleaning. Upper housing is air-cooled
and includes 3 lighted 12″ x 26″ display zones. Each zone
has recessed rheostats for full-range adjustment of display
lighting and 3 individual timers to maintain optimum holding
times. Model HDM-6 includes 5 display zones.
Rear access doors are of tempered glass and lightweight
aluminum channel construction. There are rollerless upper
and lower nylon guides for lift-out loading and cleaning.

A master power supply switch and zoned temperature
control systems help maintain safe product temperature.
Primary heat is provided below the food display by a
recessed serpentine tubular metal sheathed element with
dedicated thermostatic control. Lower heat system is water
free with no plumbing required.
Additional specification for “Complete Deli Case”:
Deli Case is fixed to free-standing metal module of equal
width.  It includes rear cutting board and front graphic insert.

  • User-friendly design –available in countertop and stand-alone versions.
  • Unique front glass design – pivots down for easy cleaning.
  • Rollerless sliding glass doors – easy to clean.
  • Mechanical timers – track holding time for each row of pans to maintain optimum
    holding times.
  • Rheostats – allow full range of light control for each zone.
  • Simplified controls – offer uniform warming of foods.
  • Euro-look design – provides excellent visual presentation and appeal.
  • Waterless system – eliminates plumbing requirements and expense.
  • Recessed electrical upper controls – reduce potential damage risks.
  • Single main power switch – allows for easy start-up and shut-down.
  • Attractive Broaster color scheme – reinforces brand image of quality with Broaster Express® or Genuine Broaster Chicken® logo (on complete deli cases).
  • Optional built-in backlit graphics – standard Broaster Express® or Genuine Broaster Chicken® graphics panel on complete deli cases can be backlit with optional 3-bulb fluorescent light unit.


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