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Broaster 2400

Broaster 2400

The large-capacity, high-efficiency pressure fryer for more food per hour, faster service, and greater sales.  Designed to cook large quantities of product, the BROASTER 2400 can produce 48-64 pieces of fresh bone-in chicken per cook cycle.

  • Fast and productive –specifically designed for high volume production, cooks up to 64 pieces of fresh bone-in chicken per load in as little as 11 minutes*.
  • Patented Cover Lift System –quick closing and opening single action sealing including a pressure-activated cover locking mechanism for safety and ease of use.
  • Proven round cooking well design – engineered for more uniform heat distribution, durability, and efficiency; no cold spots or corners. Large capacity provides more room for product, minimizes sticking, and produces delicious, superior-quality food.
  • Easy to operate – Temp-N-Time™ feature offers the capability to pre-program up to 10 different cook cycles for quick and easy preparation of various menu items.
  • Unique Auto Comp™ feature –automatically adjusts cooking time to accommodate varying sizes and temperatures of loads.
  • Primary construction is of stainless steel built on powder coated steel frame with chrome-plated front leveling feet and corrosion-free rear glides.
  • Round cooking well with 63-pound cooking oil capacity operates between 12-14 psi gauge pressure at temperatures up to 375˚ F.
  • The triple-redundant safety system is featured consist of a chrome plated relief valve, stainless steel splash guard, and a pressure-activated cover locking mechanism with a pressure regulator interlock. Also has single action combined pressure regulator valve/remote timer control, drain valve interlock, and patented gas assist cover lift system. All ensure operator convenience and safety.
  • Solid state Temp-N-Time™ controller provides 10 programmable cooking profiles with a built-in, automatic cook-cycle counter. Auto-Comp feature automatically adjusts cooking time dependent on the size and temperature of the load.
  • On-board integrated filtration system consists of an easily accessible stainless steel filter tray assembly. Powered by a 1/3 horse-power motor coupled to 5 gallon-per-minute rotary gear displacement oil pump.


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