Serve Ice Cream Just in Time for Summer!

Serve Ice Cream Just in Time for Summer!

It's almost that season. Soon we'll be hearing the delightful jingle we're all too familiar with. The sound of the ice cream truck making its way through town, serving everyone their favorite cold treats. Want to stay ahead of the game this summer? Serve ice cream!

It's a fact. Ice cream is the only thing that comes to mind when we feel that hot summer air for the first time. Everyone will be rushing to the local ice cream shops to fill up on cones, soft serve, and milkshakes. Stay on top of the game by serving all three at your shop!

Adding a certified Electro Freeze machine to your ice cream shop is sure to bring in consistent sales and a delicious product every time. 

Electro Freeze CS600 Gravity-Fed Countertop Soft Serve Freezer

This high-volume, single-flavor counter model soft serve freezer is easy to operate and simple to clean. The CS600 provides menu flexibility for convenience stores, specialty buffets, airport kiosks, burger restaurants, diners, and ice cream stores.


Electro Freeze B12V 12-Quart Batch Freezer

This large-capacity batch freezer produces the highest quality ice cream, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, or sherbets. Mechanically simple and exceptionally dependable, this machine is perfect for gelato, custard, and water ice shops. Allows for precise control of viscosity and overrun to maximize your profits. Produces a consistent finished product and automatic shut off when the batch reaches the desired consistency.


Electro Freeze SLX500 Soft Serve Freezer

These slimline soft serve machines produce the best tasting gravity-fed frozen desserts…smooth, creamy, and consistent yogurt, ice cream, or sorbet! The 22”(56.20cm) wide footprint allows for more units in a smaller space.

The SLX500 is the perfect yogurt shop freezer and is great for adding flavors to ice cream shops, too! Great for QSRs, retirement villages, and hospital cafeterias.


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