Broaster Instant Burger Cooking Test

Broaster Instant Burger Cooking Test

Today we tested the Broaster Instant Burger to see how it works and what environment it fits into best. First lets lead with a couple quick features.

Because the unit is not cooking a burger in the traditional manner, no hood is required and the unit its self doesn't even get hot to the touch. The unit cooks using electrical current to flow through the burgers. It can cook 2 burger patties at a time in only 45 seconds. This machine when tested was able to cook 14 patties, within our 5 minute test session. Cleanup is a breeze with removable grease bin for easy cleaning. Cleaning can be done immediately after cooking as there is no need to wait for the unit to cool down. Attractive stainless steel design is ideal for front of the house cooking.

Drawbacks, include not being able to use frozen patties, and there is a minimum fat of 30% for the instant burger to cook properly. 

Best practices, the Instant Burger likes to have 5oz patties of ground beef. It is best if you season the patty after cooking to prolong the life of the Instant burger cooking plates. 

Other Notes: the unit can be used to cook vegetarian burger patties as well as hot dogs, sausage patties, chicken fillets, steak burgers, sausages or ground turkey burgers.

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