Where to get Fuzionate Flavors?

Where to get Fuzionate Flavors?


It's no surprise with the introduction of Electro Freeze's new Fuzionate machine there has been quite a stir surrounding who makes the best flavors and how can new flavors be added.

First, let us talk about the machine itself, the Fuzionate is a 9 flavor, pump soft-serve machine. When it comes to versatility this machine achieves the ultimate goal. It can run almost any type of base: Italian ice, Custard, Soft-Serve, Gelato, Sorbetto, etc. and it can be mixed on demand with 9 flavors. This is the only machine on the market to fully blend the soft-serve while dispensing. Rather than putting a stripe of syrup on the outside, this machine fully integrates the product throughout. With the inclusion of a pump system and easy air adjustment, we can vary the over-run or (amount of air) in the product by a huge percentage. From roughly 10% up to 50% or more depending on the mix you are using. Due to all of the flavors being mixed on demand, there is minimal product waste. When a soft serve machine is running with less popular flavors, they can be over whipped and not fresh as they sit longer than other flavors. The Fuzionate removes that problem by always cycling fresh mix every serving keeping all 9 flavors at the highest possible quality. 

The Flavors:

There are quite a few companies providing flavoring for the Fuzionate. What is unique is, by keeping the flavor refrigerated below, you are injecting already cold syrup into the soft-serve, removing the temperature shock associated with an after the fact blender.


Some of the most popular flavor providers:

Rave Flavors They are probably the most well known for making Fuzionate flavoring. They make very high quality concentrates and they have over 50 flavors available. I can recommend their Raspberry Jalapeno. 

IceCreamFlavors.com They have a huge and always growing variety of new and cool Fuzionate flavors. We have had an excellent experience when ordering and tasting some of their 63 and growing assorted flavors.


There are many more available and you can experiment on your own aswell. 

Check out the  Electro Freeze Fuzionate

This pressurized, 9 flavors soft serve machine delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint. By fully incorporating the flavor in every bite of soft serve, this freezer produces the highest quality, most consistent and pro table product you can serve. Simply press a button to select flavors! The easy-to-operate features include easy syrup adjustments, one button flavor selection, and no complicated attachments. This machine is perfect for high volume establishments wanting to serve superior-quality, smooth and creamy ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato. Great for co-branding concepts as well as college cafeterias, buffets and adding additional flavors to any shops.

The Electro Freeze Advantage


Freezing Cylinder Size: 3.7qt (3.5 liters)

Voltage: 208-230

Compressor: 6,700 btu.


Width: 24.2 in, 61.47 cm

Depth: 33 in, 83.82 cm

Height: 70.2 in, 178.30 cm


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