The Carnival Is Coming to Town!! Profit with Slushies!!

The Carnival Is Coming to Town!! Profit with Slushies!!

Ferris Wheel and Carousel Under White Clouds and Blue Sky

Why does everyone line up for miles when the Carnival comes to town? Three reasons: Ferris Wheels, Funnel Cakes, and Frozen Slushies. Carnivals only come for a short period, but during that time they soak up all the dough by selling simple desserts the crowds LOVE. Plus there's no better time to enjoy a soft serve than at the top of the ferris wheel. 

Want to boost sales in your fair/carnival? Then give your customers just what they came for. Soft Serve makes a great addition to carnivals because they pair well with all the fried foods you can only find at the fair (fried oreos, fried funnel cakes, fried pickles, etc). 

Frozen slushies pair great with classic carnival fare. Serve a creamy and consistent soft serve or slushie every time with a certified Electro Freeze dessert machine. 

Profits!! are the reason we want to add frozen drinks!!



-Cost of making a 3 gallon batch

  • Water: $0.01 for 2 gallons of water.
  • Sugar: $0.85 for 3lbs of sugar 
  • Lemon Juice: costs $6.00 for 42 Oz 


-32 cups x 12 Oz = 3 Gallons

  • Price Per Cup Sold: Each cup is sold at $4.50 per 12 Oz serving.
  • Revenue: $144 revenue per 3 gallon batch.
  • Net Profit: $144 (revenue) - $6.86 (costs) = $137.14 profit per 3 gallon batch.


 Electro Freeze 876BRH Slush/Cocktail Freezer

High Volume Countertop Cocktail Freezer with Refrigerated Hopper

The refrigerated hopper of this machine boosts the volume capabilities of this already high production cocktail freezer. A large 3.5-gallon cylinder dependably produces consistent quality frozen drinks and serves as a visual merchandiser to your customers.



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