Take your dessert to the next level with inclusions


I. Rice has sent us some amazing inclusions. We particularly like I.Rice because of the way their products mix and freeze into the ice cream. With easy mix in, inclusions can be a great way to increase appeal in your product. The I.Rice products don't only look good swirled in the ice cream but they give complexity of flavor to make your ice cream unique.

I. Rice Company manufactures a unique and vast array of Ice Cream Toppings - all produced under stringent quality control standards. Our Fruit Toppings are made from the finest harvested fruits available and are renowned for their natural taste and solid pack fruit identity. Our Butterscotch and Caramel toppings are prepared with pure creamery butter and sweetened condensed milk - resulting in a truly delicious old fashioned flavor. Our Walnut Topping contains an abundance of the finest California walnuts, packed in a thick, flavorful maple walnut syrup. Our Hot Fudges use only the finest imported European cocoas and will provide your customers with the upscale taste that they command.


I. Rice & Company, Inc.
11500 Roosevelt Boulevard Building D
Philadelphia, PA 19116-3080