Sorbets will raise your profits FAST

Sorbets will raise your profits FAST

Colorful Sorbet

Consumers love sorbet because it gives them all the novelty of frozen dessert without the complications of dairy. It's rich and smooth, and gives off the illusion of ice cream with only two ingredients-- fruit & sugar! Sorbets give consumers variety when it comes to flavor. With a sorbet base you can make just about any flavor.

Add  Italian fruit juices for a more original taste, or venture outside of tradition with other local fruit juices for a more original taste. Trying to spice things up? Combine fruits and juices and make unique combinations! (ex. Ginger-Beet, Blueberry, Strawberry Thai Basil) Trying to spice things up even more? Add liquor! Vodka and Hennessy, (just to name a few), make for a beautifully boozy treat and a fun afternoon!

Raise profits in your ice cream shop, bar, or cafe today by selling Sorbet!

Check out the Electro Freeze B12v 12-Quart Batch Freezer

B12E - 12 Quart Batch Freezer

This large-capacity batch freezer produces the highest quality ice cream, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, or sherbets. Mechanically simple and exceptionally dependable, this machine is perfect for gelato, custard, and water ice shops.

Allows for precise control of viscosity and overrun to maximize your profits. Produces a consistent finished product and automatic shut off when the batch reaches the desired consistency. (Made in the USA)


Freezing Cylinder Size: 14 Qts. (13.25 liters)

Voltage: 208-230

Motor: 2.5 Hp (1.9kW)

Compressor: 2.5 Hp (1.9kW)

                       Dimensions: (24-3/16" in x 36-1/16" in x 53-3/8" in) W x D x H

Looking for more? Check out Electro Freeze B24v 26-Quart Batch Freezer

B24E - 26 Quart Batch Freezer

This high-capacity batch freezer is simple and efficient, making it perfect for gelato, custard, and water ice shops. Make large volumes of your own signature Gelato, Italian Ice, Sorbets, and high or low overrun ice cream. (Made in the USA.)


Freezing Cylinder Size: 26 Qts.

Voltage: 208-230

Motor: 3 Hp. (2.23kW)

Compressor: 3.5 Hp. (2.61kW)

                     Dimensions: (24 3/16" in x 36 1/16" in x 53.3/8" in) W x D x H




Invest in a certified Electrofreeze machine for all your Sorbet needs!

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