Sippin N' Shoppin!

Sippin N' Shoppin!

Woman Standing Beside Pineapple Fruits

Is there anything worse than a trip to the grocery store? The lines are long, the aisles are endless and overwhelming, and they've just run out of your favorite snack cakes for the 3rd time this month. Grocery shopping sucks. But it doesn't have to!

Nothing would make the experience more enjoyable than sipping on a cool frozen drink while bravely navigating through aisles of canned soups. Customers are more likely to shop somewhere they can get the most out of their experience. Adding frozen drinks and soft serve to your grocery/general store will raise profits INSTANTLY. Crowds are drawn to grocery stores that will accommodate them and their families. 

Not many stores serve ready-to-enjoy foods. Make your grocery store stand out by offering frozen drinks to your customers while they shop.


Electro Freeze 876BRH

High Volume Countertop Cocktail Freezer with Refrigerated Hopper

The refrigerated hopper of this machine boosts the volume capabilities of this already high production cocktail freezer. A large 3.5-gallon cylinder dependably produces consistent quality frozen drinks and serves as a visual merchandiser to your customers.


Raise profits today.

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