It's Friday night and all the bars have just opened downtown. Your spot is the most talked-about spot in town. The DJ is live, the space is jazzy, and people are having a blast. You want to make sure your customers aren't turned away by bad drinks! That's why frozen alcohol is the way to keep profits high and crowds swarming.


blue drink in wine glass on corner of wooden table

     Frozen alcohol (sangrias, margaritas, tequila sunrise, etc.) is a great choice for bars and nightclubs because customers love their alcohol chilled. Pregame shots are over and its time to dance all night while slurping a wonderful alcoholic slushie to keep you fueled. People are already sweating anyways. Cool them down! Frozen alcohol is super popular among young adults so you're sure to bring in lots of profit. 


Adding a certified Electro Freeze machine to your bar/nightclub will ensure you get a smooth and consistent product every time. 


Electro Freeze 876BRH Countertop Cocktail Freezer with Refrigerated Hopper

The refrigerated hopper of this machine boosts the volume capabilities of this already high production cocktail freezer. A large 3.5-gallon cylinder dependably produces consistent quality frozen drinks and serves as a visual merchandiser to your customers. Great for bars!


Raise profits today!

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