Serve the Creamiest Soft-Serve On the Block!


Business slowing down? Looking for a low-cost way to boost sales? We have just the machine to quickly increase profit and make your business the most talked about in town. 



Countertop options:

  • Electrofreeze CS600 Gravity Compact Counter Model features high quality parts, a washable air filter to keep the condenser clean, and a super sleek compact design (wont take up too much space). 
  • Electrofreeze CS4 Gravity-Fed Countertop Single-Flavor Soft Serve Freezer features high quality parts and a self closing spigot for easy cleanup; making this model perfect for moderate-volume cafes and bars.  
  • Electrofreeze SLX400C features a virtual quality managemen system, self-closing handles for eliminating waste, and a simple to operate design making this model perfect for self-serve eateries and retirement villages.

Solo standing options:

  • Electrofreeze SLX500 Gravity Twist Freezer with VQM features dual smart controls to monitor temperature and consistency, self closing handles for eliminating waste, and a simple to operate design.
  • Electrofreeze GEN5099 Pressurized Soft Serve Freezer features a flexible mix holding system, an efficient energy conserver, and product variety (make custard, sherbert, fro-yo, and more!)
  • Electrofreeze GEN5400 features product variety, waste elimination, and energy conservation making this model perfect for full-menu ice cream shops and sports arenas.


Summer is right around the corner and everyones going to start wanting all types of ice cream. Keep your business thriving by only serving the smoothest and creamiest ice cream on the block. 



Have confidence in your purchase knowing your machine includes multiple warranties and is backed by an efficient team of service support.

...and it doesn't have to stop there! Serve gelato, italian ice, fro-yo, and more with a certified Electrofreeze soft serve machine. What are you waiting for? Call today!

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