At NEFAM there are a few models that stood out to us and we decided to share them with our readers. At the top of our list, we recommend the Electro Freeze 812-2. It is a great slush machine that is versatile in the products it can produce. The machine is geared for venues with lots of foot traffic due to it being able to hold 12.1 quarts of the finished product in each barrel. It is a single flavor machine that would do great in beach resorts, arenas, and large sports venues.

Soft serve is by far one of the most profitable products a venue can serve. This type of ice cream can be served multiple ways and even be made into delicious milkshakes and sundaes. The GES 5099 and GES 5400 are a few of the most impressive models we were able to see at NAFEM. They now feature upgraded pumps, making serving to customers at your venue easier. Both these models are high output for venues such as college campuses, school cafeterias, buffets, or full-serve ice cream shops. With two separate dispensing heads, restaurant crew members are able to use multiple pumps at the same time.

The last machine on our list is the B12E. This batch freezer is used to make hard gelato and ice cream and has been truly revamped with viscosity and speed controls. The B12E, a large capacity machine, holds twelve quarts making for a hefty batch of ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, and even sorbet. We would highly recommend this to you if you are considering, or already own, gelato or frozen custard shop. We hope this gave our readers some insight into what is to come from this great American company.