Meet The Best Frozen Drink Machine!

Meet one of the best-frozen drink machines on the market. Introducing the Electro Freeze 812! You will be able to make delicious frozen drinks that have proved to make you a great profit. Frozen drinks are an easy way to make delicious drinks that are easy to brand and personalized. Possible suggestions include frozen lemonade or the trendy favorite, rose. This is an extreme volume slush and cocktail freezer! Fast, easy, portion-controlled, labor-saving frozen beverages from a machine that will last! Syrup racking with 5 bottles provides flavor options while running a neutral or core base flavor. Perfect for QSRs, beach resorts, arenas, and large sports venues.


The Electro Freeze Advantage

    • Product Monitoring System provides a consistently smooth frozen product.
    • Durable and Long Lasting scraper blades assure a smooth consistent frozen product.
    • Serve by the drink or Pitcher the model 812 has the unique ability to dispense large volumes in a short period of time.
    • Add to Your Profits with the sale of frozen beverages producing large profit margins.
    • Mix Level Indicator flashes to remind the operator when to add mix.
    • Experience Tells Electro Freeze has been manufacturing quality frozen treat machines since 1929. Superior engineering, product innovations, sturdy construction, quality craftsmanship and dependable performance are Electro Freeze hallmarks.
    • Superior Service Support backed by a worldwide distributor network.