Jazz Up Your Mexican Restaurant With Churro Cones!

Jazz Up Your Mexican Restaurant With Churro Cones!

We used a Frostline ice cream base to create a wonderful soft serve that we used to fill our churros. Frostline is a premier source of ice cream mix that has been in business for over 40 years. They have a great selection of soft-serve mix, frozen yogurt mix, and milkshake mix. This churro cone would be great for any type of Latin inspired restaurant. We used the SLX400E soft serve machine from Electro Freeze. 


8 Gallons per hour
Smooth Creamy Product
VQM Technology

1-year Parts & Labor
2-year Motor & Gearbox
5-year Compressor


Electro Freeze manufactures the highest quality ice cream machines on the market. Our machines inside and out have been designed for durability and product quality. Electro Freeze machines are easy to clean, maintain, and are very reliable. Those are the key ingredients to increased profitability. Unlike other machines on the market, Electro Freeze machines use temperature control instead of viscosity to regulate the finished product. To ensure a firm product it is important the freezing cylinder provides fast freeze down and quick recovery. To accomplish this we use a long barrel with a small diameter. These barrels are wrapped with refrigeration tubing and permanently bonded to the cylinder. A thermal mastic material allows Electro Freeze to maintain even heat transfer between the evaporator and cylinder. This allows us to increase the surface area of the freezing cylinder. The result is a cold, firm product that will stand up in a cone or cup.


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During its 40 years of soft-serve success, Frostline® Soft Serve Mix has perfected the frozen treat people love to indulge in, celebrate with, and share. From beloved classics like Chocolate and Vanilla to in-demand indulgences like Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Spice, Frostline® Frozen Treats are tasty, versatile desserts with broad appeal.

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