Italian Ice from Sicily!


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Okay, so not really. But if you want to make Italian ice just like it was made in Sicily then keep reading. 

Its quite unknown where Italian ice originated. Some say it was merely made by someone accidentally leaving a syrup-y fruit puree on ice for too long. Well whether it was an accident or not, its instant popularity and fame was indeed no accident. Italian Ice has made its way into the hearts of many people across the globe because of its light ice base-- this intensifies the flavor! Its churned slower, taste cooler, and leaves an everlasting taste in your mouth. 

Why should your restaurant, bar, cafe, etc. serve Italian ice? 

Its versatile! Italian Ice has an ice base so you can pretty much use any type of flavoring you want. From mango to pina colada; strawberry lemon to strawberry daiquiris. In short, the sky's the limit. 

Its difficult to make at home! Unlike other dessert recipes that can be easily shortened for residential use, Italian ice can actually be quite time consuming to make at home. All the more reason to give YOUR customers access to a rarely served dessert treat.

It'll make you popular! Adding Italian ice to your menu will give customers a reason to keep returning to your shop, even if you start to experience decreasing sales due to bad weather.

Its profitable! Think of it this way, the cost of serving a single cup of ice with a spoon is less than 50 cents; then you sell each of those cups for about $2. If you sell at least 25 cups a day you've already made over $1000 a month just in Italian ice profit! $$$ Making this a GREAT option for supplementing into pre-existing menus. 

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Freezing Cylinder Size: 14 Qts. (13.25 liters)

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Dimensions: (24 3/16" in x 36 1/16" in x 53.3/8" in) W x D x H


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