I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream!

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream!

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When the warmer months approach, there's only one treat on everyone's mind: frozen dairy. Whether you're craving chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry-- ice cream is always the right move.  Ice cream has been enjoyed for so long it's unclear who even invented it. Some say it was invented in the 17th century in Naples where most  modern recipes were derived; others say it was invented as early 620 AD. All I know is, if it was good enough for the emperors of the Tang Dynasty, its good enough for me. 

So just why does everyone scream for ice cream?

It comes in just about every flavor! Some people like to keep their flavors traditional so chocolate and vanilla make the perfect treat-- but for those looking to venture outside of the box, ice cream is great for experimenting flavors (have you tried bacon flavor??)

Its the perfect dessert! Unlike cakes, pies, and fancy chocolate, ice cream is super easy to make and serve making this dessert the ultimate delight for families, parties, and restaurants. 

It lasts forever! There's nothing more satisfying than enjoying a nice cold cone on a warm afternoon. You'll be enjoying for hours. 

Its versatile! Ice cream literally goes with anything. Pair it with a slice of cake, a brownie, or a crepe and watch your tastebuds transform. 

Its a throat remedy! Did you know ice cream can help cure sore throats? Next time you have an itchy cough get a scoop of ice cream and let the cool dairy relax the tensions of your throat. 

According to Statistica, ice cream sales are looking to see a steady increase of 0.8% each year. In 2018, ice cream produced over $10 million in revenue and the number is always increasing. So if you're really looking to bring in STEADY business to your restaurant, cafe, or bar-- then its time to invest in an ice cream machine. 

Lucky for you, Electrofreeze offers multiple models of ice cream machines so you're sure to find just the right one for your business. 

Check out the Electrofreeze B12v 12-Quart Batch Freezer

B12E - 12 Quart Batch Freezer

This large-capacity batch freezer produces the highest quality ice cream, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, or sherbets. Mechanically simple and exceptionally dependable, this machine is perfect for gelato, custard, and water ice shops.

Allows for precise control of viscosity and overrun to maximize your profits. Produces a consistent finished product and automatic shut off when the batch reaches the desired consistency. (Made in the USA)


Freezing Cylinder Size: 14 Qts. (13.25 liters)

Voltage: 208-230

Motor: 2.5 Hp (1.9kW)

Compressor: 2.5 Hp (1.9kW)

                       Dimensions: (24-3/16" in x 36-1/16" in x 53-3/8" in) W x D x H

Looking for more? Check out Electrofreeze B24v 26-Quart Batch Freezer

B24E - 26 Quart Batch Freezer

This high-capacity batch freezer is simple and efficient, making it perfect for gelato, custard, and water ice shops. Make large volumes of your own signature Gelato, Italian Ice, Sorbets, and high or low overrun ice cream. (Made in the USA.)


Freezing Cylinder Size: 26 Qts. (24.6 liters)

Voltage: 208-230

Motor: 3 Hp. (2.23kW)

Compressor: 3.5 Hp. (2.61kW)

                     Dimensions: (24 3/16" in x 36 1/16" in x 53.3/8" in) W x D x H


Still not convinced? Check out our product videos or visit our website below



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