Have You Tried Lloyds of Pennsylvania?

Have You Tried Lloyds of Pennsylvania?


If you are new to the ice cream industry, a brand to look out for is Lloyd’s of Pennsylvania. They produce top-quality frozen dessert mixes as well as flavors and extracts. Their mix has reduced raw material cost and it has a cleaner taste than other mixes.

They also have freeze-thaw capability and their company has reliable machine adjustment recommendations and support. Lloyd's of Pennsylvania also has a 150 day refrigerated shelf life from date of manufacture as well as price protection in the case of periods of increasing dairy prices. They have been family owned for over 50 years, so they are truly a brand you can trust. With their consistency and enhanced flavor profiles, Lloyd's of Pennsylvania also helps clients with product development. Some of their past clients include: Carvel, Perry’s Ice Cream, and Cumberland Dairy.

We added Tahitian vanilla that's quality flavor makes this recipe one of the best. You simply mix the vanilla with the mix, blend, then proceed to pour into your Electro Freeze SLX400E

8 Gallons per hour
Smooth Creamy Product
VQM Technology

1-year Parts & Labor
2-year Motor & Gearbox
5-year Compressor




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