Frozen Custard Tastes Great!

Frozen Custard Tastes Great!

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     Frozen custard is the process of taking normal hard ice cream and letting it cool and melt some into a creamier new product called custard. And while this may seem like a simple process, its resulting product has been appreciated for ages. 

What's the difference?

     Its made with the same combination of ingredients (cream and sugar) with the addition of egg yolks to create a denser consistency and it's frozen at a warmer temperature than traditional hard-scoop ice cream. 

     Custard is also frozen differently. Once the mix finishes freezing inside a refrigerated tube, the blades immediately begin to fold the product clean off the barrel walls. Timing is everything. With precision, the product leaves the barrel minimizing the amount of air in the product and ensuring the ice crystals are very small. 

Why is it so great?

     It's rich in flavor! Because the base of the product is produced with egg yolks and less air, the results are very dense in weight and rich in flavor. 

     It's versatile! You can create almost any combination of flavors with a creamy custard base. Add fruit purees, powders, whole/crushed toppings to make your custard original. Try a new flavor such as Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Black Sesame, Strawberry Jalapeno, Spicy Hot Chocolate, Avocado, and more!!!

     It's profitable! Frozen custard is a statement piece for the incoming summer months. Make sure your restaurant, cafe, or bar is prepared for the rush by offering multiple flavors of custard. No one can resist the luring sight of a fully decked custard menu. $$$


Need more inspiration? Check out our product videos and website below.


     The perfect frozen custard starts with the perfect machine. Adding too much air to your product eliminates the novelty of the custard which is supposed to be much denser. Make sure your machine is fit for the job. Electrofreeze has a wonderful selection of frozen custard machines for you to choose from. 

Check out the Electrofreeze SLX500 Gravity Twist Freezer With VQM

-Meets ADA Specs for self-service applications

-Innovative Solutions providing the best product quality in the industry.

-Precision dual Smart control monitors temperature and Consistency to provide superior taste and quality.

-Multi-Function LED display with manager smart tools.

-Superior low temp refrigeration system provides best in class production and product quality

-Compact design with a small footprint

-Twist feature will dispense two separate flavors or equal combinations of both

-Self-closing handles eliminate waste

-Patented auger gently blends reducing agitation and maintaining product quality and consistency

-Durable polymer, long-wearing non-reversible blades offer lower maintenance costs and better product quality

-Simple to operate and easy to clean

-Experience Tells- Electrofreeze has been manufacturing quality frozen treat machines since 1929. Superior engineering, product innovations, sturdy construction, quality craftsmanship, and dependable performance are Electrofreeze hallmarks.

-Superior service support backed by a worldwide distributor network.

The SLX500 is the perfect yogurt shop freezer and is great for adding flavors to ice cream shops, too! Great for QSRs, retirement villages, and hospital cafeterias.

Or, check out the Electrofreeze Gen5099 Pressurized Soft Serve Freezer


  • Virtual Quality Management System™ monitors Temperature and Consistency to provide superior taste and quality.

• Patented Mix Transfer System* simplest and most reliable pressurized system available.

• Flexible Mix Holding System Pumps directly from bags or from mix containers

• Innovative Solutions providing the best product quality in the industry.

• Meets ADA Specifications for self-service applications

• Multi-function LED display with manager smart tools.

• The Finest Frozen Product, consistently the best-frozen product available. Smooth, creamy, and profitable.

• Self Closing Spigots prevents the mess and eliminates waste

• Exclusive Auger Design Superior low-temperature refrigeration system provides the best in class production and product quality.

• Energy Conservation Mode reduces energy cost and holds product safely during non-business hours

• Superior Low-Temperature Refrigeration System provides the best in class production and product quality

• Scroll Compressor Technology provides increased capacity, reliability, and efficiency

This pressurized 2-flavor twist soft serve machine produces the highest quality, most consistent, and profitable product you can serve. Ideal for operators that want to serve a high-quality product but don't require huge volume. This machine is perfect for co-branding concepts as well as college cafeterias, buffets, and adding additional flavors to any shop.


Now more than ever, you’re free to choose. Add up all Electro Freeze has to offer, and two words come to mind: Sweet Choice! What are you waiting for? Call today!


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