Electro Freeze Training Class

Electro Freeze Training Class


March 5th was Electro Freeze Southeast’s training course for HVAC technicians. Classes like this are to ensure our customers have quick, quality service from knowledgeable professionals available to help. This training course was led by managing partner, Joseph Kearns. We opened the class with an introduction and history of Electro Freeze, expanding on how we are proud to be American made and pioneering the first soft-serve machine. We highlighted the warranty and how our superior quality ensures our machines last upwards of 20 years. 

We then proceeded with our course by spending time on each type of machine. We started with slush machines. We went over the logistics as well as common troubleshooting issues, helping our attendees fully understand the machine so they can go into each service call with confidence and certainty.




Over the course of our training class, we proceeded to cover gravity freezers, showing the class how to make soft-serve ice cream and gravity milkshakes. We provided our attendees with a catered lunch and a chance for them to network amongst each other. After lunch, we then delved into production temperature and how to determine the right overrun. To expand, we went over product separation and breakdown, high versus low butterfat, and discussing suction pressure. 

As the afternoon continued, we talked about gravity refrigeration, pressurized machines, pressurized assembly, and parts. We checked the frost pattern, assembly of pumps, red and black line hoses, as well as going over start-up sheets and adjustments. We proceeded onto electrical systems. Discussing new versus old systems, the range of different control voltages and incoming voltage switches. The last part of the class was reserved for pump system troubleshooting, as well as the different kinds of hoses and replacement options. 




Lastly, we covered batch freezers. We delve into variable speed controls, washout sprayers, and the wide range of products that our batch freezers can make. We then talked about how to troubleshoot Electro Freeze batch freezers, the startup process, power requirements, and EPOC values. 

Our attendees were encouraged to ask any unanswered questions to which Joe answered in detail. They left with a folder enclosing all information that was discussed, along with a flash drive for upmost mobility. In addition, we were able to video record the training class which will be live on our YouTube channel for quick reference. 




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