Eat (MOO)re Ice Cream!

Eat (MOO)re Ice Cream!

   Fresh fruits make everyone happy. Self-pick farms are growing increasingly popular as the demand for fresher and local food grows. Customers are drawn to the idea of picking exactly what they want, how much they want, and when they want it. Wouldn't it be nice to give them that same freedom with ice cream? 


person holding ice cream cone with strawberry and chocolate ice cream


     Serve soft serve ice cream and/or frozen drinks at your self-pick farm and watch your business sprout faster than those apples. By offering ice cream at your self-pick farm you can give your customers the option to taste the wonderful fruits you have on the field-- dessert style!

     Take fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, lemons, and grapes and create delicious soft serve ice cream and/or freshly squeezed drinks like flavored frozen lemonade.

strawberry juice


     Electro Freeze has certified machines for all your soft serve and frozen drink needs!


Check out the Electro Freeze 876BRH High Volume Countertop Cocktail Freezer with Refrigerated Hopper 

The refrigerated hopper of this machine boosts the volume capabilities of this already high production cocktail freezer. A large 3.5-gallon cylinder dependably produces consistent quality frozen drinks and serves as a visual merchandiser to your customers. Great for self-pick farms!


Check out the Electro Freeze SLX500 Gravity Twist Freezer with VQM

These slimline soft serve machines produce the best tasting gravity-fed frozen desserts…smooth, creamy, and consistent yogurt, ice cream, or sorbet! The 22”(56.20cm) wide footprint allows for more units in a smaller space. The SLX500 is the perfect yogurt shop freezer and is great for adding flavors to ice cream shops, too! Great for QSRs, retirement villages, and self-pick farms!


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