Yummy Pecan Pie Custard with Electro Freeze B12V

Yummy Pecan Pie Custard with Electro Freeze B12V

       Pecans are royalty in the nut world. If you've ever enjoyed warm pecan pie on your porch or with family, then you'll love this dessert-style spin on the traditional pie. Electro Freeze manufactures the highest quality frozen dessert machines on the market. 

Learn how to make the best Pecan Pie Custard with a certified Electro Freeze B12V Batch Freezer


  • (1) gal. 10% Custard Mix
  • (1.5) g. Annatto Extract
  • (11) g. Caramel Coloring


Combine custard mix, annatto extract, and caramel coloring in a large mixing bowl.

Blend it all together.

Run it through your ElectroFreeze Batch Freezer.

Layer with pecan pieces, and cinnamon graham crackers and...



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