Making A Vegan Dessert With Dole Whip!

Making A Vegan Dessert With Dole Whip!

Dole Whip is a very popular treat but mostly known for being a great soft serve product. However, did you know that it can be a wonderful product through a batch freezer? It is fully vegan and can be very buildable. It is also fat free, great for customers who are on the health-based side. It is also great for people that are lactose intolerant and customers that might have gluten allergies. With a wonderful range of flavors such as the cult classic Dole pineapple whip, there is also lime, raspberry, orange, strawberry, and mango flavors available. With this wide range of flavors, you will be amazed at what great toppings and inclusions would be a total game-changer. 

Some great vegan inclusions you can add are:

Coconut Flakes

Crushed Oreos

Dried Fruit

Assorted Nuts

Mexican Chamoy

Crushed Graham Crackers

Dandie's Marshmallows

Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips


In this video we used the B12V Batch Freezer:




  • Cam door latch
  • Exclusive auger design
  • Superior product quality
  • Auger and dispensing head design built-in faucet
  • Digital timer
  • Adjustable torque control


1 Year Parts and Labor
2 Year motor and gearbox
5 Year Compressor and Shell


Electro Freeze manufactures the highest quality ice cream machines on the market. Our machines inside and out have been designed for durability and product quality.


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