Make Tasty Spiced Apple Pecan Ice Cream Custard with ElectroFreeze B12V

    Looking to add more flavor to your custard menu? This recipe is sure to bring in consistent crowds and profit. The smooth flavoring of pecan butter is now served custard style! Give your customers exactly what they're craving. ElectroFreeze manufactures the highest quality frozen dessert machines on the market. 

Learn how to make the best Spiced Apple Pecan Ice Cream Custard with a certified ElectroFreeze B12V Batch Freezer. 



  • (1) gal. Ice Cream Base
  • (400)g Pecan Butter


Combine ice cream base and pecan butter in a large mixing bowl.

Blend it all together. 

Run it through your ElectroFreeze batch freezer.

Layer with Apple Sundae Toppings. 

Watch it in action:
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