Espresso Chip Custard

Espresso Chip Custard


Viscosity Control
Variable Beater RPM Control
Built-in Timer
Wash down hose
adjustable shelf

1 Year Parts and Labor
2 Year motor and gearbox
5 Year Compressor and Shell

Electro Freeze machines are easy to clean, maintain, and are very reliable. Those are the key ingredients to increased profitability. Unlike other machines on the market, Electro Freeze machines use temperature control instead of viscosity to regulate the finished product. To ensure a firm product it is important the freezing cylinder provides fast freeze down and quick recovery. To accomplish this we use a long barrel with a small diameter. These barrels are wrapped with refrigeration tubing and permanently bonded to the cylinder. A thermal mastic material allows Electro Freeze to maintain even heat transfer between the evaporator and cylinder. This allows us to increase the surface area of the freezing cylinder. The result is a cold, firm product that will stand up in a cone or cup.

In this video we are using:

Electro Freeze B12V Batch Freezer
1 Gallon 10% Custard Base from Honey Hill Farms
70g dried coffee
semi-sweet chocolate chips

The Reason We Recommend Honey Hill Farms
Unlike other frozen yogurt companies, Honey Hill uses a bulky flavoring system while other companies tend you use extract flavoring. With their bulk flavoring, they use real fruit purees and many real food products to make a truly original and enhanced flavoring, something that is a lost art in the frozen dessert industry. Honey Hill stands true to using many bulky flavoring products in their frozen yogurt and other soft-serve categories, for example, you can be sure to find real pumpkin pie puree in their pumpkin products and real cookie dough in their chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. Gunter stating the chocolate chip cookie flavor is actually based off of a recipe from his partner’s mother. Having true authentic flavors is a huge part of Honey Hill’s ethos and they truly take pride in it. And rightfully so, they have had great success with the public. According to Gunter, orders for their Pumpkin Pie froyo starts mid-August for their distribution date of September 1st. Honey Hill prides themselves in their bulky flavoring, and due to them using this flavoring system, it makes many of their soft serve products look more aesthetically pleasing. Pairing a machine with the quality of Honey Hill products not only can increase your bottom line but will also attract new customers as mixing two flavors to make one original one is something that shows the utmost innovation.


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