Enticing Okinawa Black Tea Gelato

Enticing Okinawa Black Tea Gelato

     People that drink Okinawa tea have proven to be some of the most fit and lean people of modern society. The secret is in the tea. This is because Okinawa tea is rich in nutrients and other amazing health benefits. Take your traditionally-enjoyed tea and make it dessert style. ElectroFreeze manufactures the highest quality frozen dessert machines on the market.

Learn how to make the best Okinawa Black Tea Gelato with a certified ElectroFreeze B12V Batch Freezer.


  • (1) gal. Gelato Mix
  • (3) cups. Okinawa Black Tea Powder Mix


Combine gelato mix and powder mix in a large mixing bowl.

Blend it all together. 

Run it through your Electro Freeze batch freezer and...



Watch it in action:




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