Delightful Peach Italian Ice with ElectroFreeze B12V

Delightful Peach Italian Ice with ElectroFreeze B12V

     Peaches are the sweetest fruits ever (and probably your pet's name). If your customers enjoy the classic flavors of Italian Ice, then they're sure to love this one. Serving multiple Italian Ice flavors at your cafe/restaurant is sure to boost profits. Electro Freeze manufactures the highest quality frozen dessert machines on the market. 

Learn how to make the best Peach Italian Ice with a certified Electro Freeze B12V Batch Freezer. 


  • (1) gal. Peach Juice
  • (1) lb. Sugar
  • (1) can of Peach Chunks, drained
  • (1) tbsp. PreGel    *this stuff makes it creamier*


Combine juice, sugar, fruit chunks, and PreGel in a large mixing bowl.

Blend it all together. 

Run it through your Electro Freeze batch freezer.



Watch it in action:


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