Create Honeydew Gelato

Create Honeydew Gelato

    Fruit and ice cream is such a wonderful combination; its no wonder dessert shops are constantly revamping their menu to add fruit. You can still taste the fruit through the coolness of the ice cream and customers are crazy about it. Electro Freeze manufactures the highest quality frozen dessert machines on the market. 

Learn how to make the best Honeydew Gelato with a certified Electro Freeze B12V Batch Freezer.



  • (1) gal. Gelato Mix
  • (1.5) cups. Honeydew Powder Mix


Combine gelato mix and powder mix in a large mixing bowl.

Blend it all together.

Run it through your Electro Freeze batch freezer.

Layer with Red Raspberry Sundae Toppings and...



Watch it in action:


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